Pre-Bariatric Surgery Psychological Evaluation

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You might ask: “Why do I need a pre-bariatric surgery psychological evaluation?”

There are two very good reasons for this required evaluation:

• Your entire surgery team — physicians, nurses and dietitians — want you to maximize your success so that you lose excess weight, become a healthier version of yourself and improve your quality your life.

• Many insurance companies realize its importance and require a psychological evaluation before they will approve bariatric surgery.

You might also ask: “Do they think I’m crazy?” 

No. Obesity does not mean being psychologically abnormal. People with obesity do not fit a specific psychological profile. The psychological evaluation is not intended to “fail” people or exclude them from surgery. Instead, the evaluation can point to long-term ways to help promote your better health in the future.

Marilyn Williams is experienced and effective in conducting pre-bariatric surgery psychological evaluations for people — either in-person or through convenient virtual sessions. She's even available nights and weekends, working around your schedule.

A pre-bariatric surgery psychological evaluation can help identify your strengths, such as a strong motivation to exercise as your weight is coming off or a full understanding of the effects of surgery. It can also help find areas where you might need support after surgery, such as depression, mood swings, or triggers for past emotional eating.